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Updated 9.30.16

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How Good Is My Team?

This is a basic question. The Aggregate Rankings are the current snapshot of where every team is ranked compared to their current standings.

  • Aggregate Rankings – Rankings from 1 – 24. Each rank is an average of Goal Differential and the Three Factors
  • PPM Rank – Points per match rank for each team (not the actual points per match)
  • Under / Over – Does the aggregate rank match closely to the current PPM Rank? Is there a big discrepancy? If your team has a large positive number, then you may be poised for some improvement. If there’s a large negative number, be concerned that your team may have over performed its current points earned.

Stats Nerds: Link to the Championship data set can be found here. Please email with questions.

Does My Team Have a Good Offense or Defense? Goal Differential Will Tell You

Why is My Team Good (or Bad)? Try Looking at the Three Factors