Championship – Does My Team Have a Good Offense or Defense?

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Updated 9.30.16

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Everything is organized by the total goal differential and updated once or twice per week. I covered the importance of goal differential in this blog post.

Offense and Defense

  • Goals Scored (Rank) – Does your team have a good offense (rank 1-5), a bad offense (rank 16-20), or are they somewhere in the middle?
  • Goals Allowed (Rank) – This is the same question for team defense.

Offense and Defense are great for quickly understanding your team. With this page, you can get a quick snapshot of the overall strength of your team (total goal differential), and then how well your team is doing on offense and defense.

The next step is to take a look at the Three Factors Ranking

Stats Nerds: Link to the Championship data set can be found here. Please email with questions.