EPL – Does My Team Have a Good Offense or Defense?

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Updated 9.26.16

Does my EPL team have a good offense or defense?

Everything is organized by the total goal differential. However, before going there, look at the rank for your team’s offense and defense. Does it rank green, yellow, or red? Overall, where does your favorite EPL team stand? I covered the importance of goal differential in this blog post.

Offense and Defense

  • Goals Scored (Rank) – Does your team have a good offense (rank 1-5), a bad offense (rank 16-20), or are they somewhere in the middle?
  • Goals Allowed (Rank) – This is the same question for team defense.

Offense and Defense are great for quickly understanding your team. With this page, you can get a quick snapshot of the overall strength of your team (total goal differential), and then how well your team is doing on offense and defense.

The next step is to take a look at why your team is good or bad at the EPL Three Factors Ranking

Stats Nerds: Link to the EPL data set can be found here. Please email with questions.