La Liga – Why is My Team Good (or Bad)?

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updated 9.20.16

Why is My Team Good (or Bad?)

The Three Factors Rank is based on a model that looks at the shot quantity, quality, and finishing for each team on offense and defense. I discuss the Three Factors here (link) and here (link)

I view the Three Factors as a second level analysis after looking at Goals Scored, Goals Allowed, and overall Goal Differential. Want to know why your team is crap at scoring goals? Take a look at their offensive ranking for shot quantity, shot quality, and finishing. One (or more) of those is probably ranked pretty low.

Want to know why your team defense is great at not allowing goals? Take a look at the defensive ranking for quantity, quality, and finishing.

Stats Nerds: Link to the La Liga data set can be found here. Please email with questions.