Author: Rob Lowe

Newsletter Number One

Your ideas are intriguing, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter I’m not quite arrogant enough to think my ideas are /that/ interesting, but I will attempt to write a newsletter worth reading. But first, the soccer. There are a bunch of leagues and years available now. Some of the more recent entries were […]

Use Fifth Grade Math to Better Understand Soccer Teams

A majority of the fundamentals of this site are based on three simple concepts, which are the Three Factors. These three concepts are Shot Quantity, Shot Quality, and Scoring Percentage. What I like about these three stats is that they require no more than Fifth Grade math to quickly understand more about soccer teams.   […]

A New LoweDownStats

So, I made some changes to the site. First, and most importantly, the data now auto-populates. Yay. Second, the Aggregate Rankings page for MLS is available (here). All the rankings are sortable at the top. The data for the information is available at the bottom in tabs. Third, each team now has their own page. […]