How this works is that I fund the development to add the stats for soccer Leagues or Cups that interest me.


There are three basic questions right now:

  • Is the team any good?
  • Does the team have a good offense or defense?
  • Where does the team have a good offense or defense?

Everything else is just details or data. However, by only looking at those three questions, there is a lot of useful information that can be quickly and easily obtained. If you have a favorite team (or an upcoming opponent), it’s only a few minutes to look something up.


What are the Leagues or Cups?

Every team should have their own page as well except for the teams that didn’t qualify for the World Cup.


Why are you doing this?

This is the kind of information that I want to have available online for soccer teams, but it doesn’t exist. Therefore, one of my hobbies is making this available. Eventually, we will be able to quickly look up almost any team in any league or competition across multiple years.


This looks confusing. Please explain more.

Here are some links

The website is really nothing more than sortable data for a variety of leagues and teams.


How often is the site updated?

Leagues and game results are typically updated within 3-4 hours of a game’s conclusion. The web hosting service we use has some policies around their caching. If it’s not updated, I recommend hitting refresh and if that doesn’t work, please come back.


What this site is not

It’s not xG or player-specific information. At this time, the emphasis is on spreading the current approach across additional Leagues / Cups. I’d rather cast a wider net with some basic fundamentals first. Also, this site is not pretty (maybe someday) and it’s not regularly updated with blog posts. This is a hobby, and it comes in well behind my family and career.


Want to know more?


Last, I am fully funding this site out of personal funds. Every additional League that gets added costs money in development time. Please consider donating, and I will put all donations back into more information on the site.