How to Use the Rankings Page (Part 1)

The Rankings Page for each league is the front end. For example, the MLS Rankings Page is here.

The site starts off listing all teams alphabetically. The first thing I do is click on the Aggregate Rank column header to sort smallest to largest. This is where we see which teams are at the top of the rankings. Furthermore, this is where we see our favorite teams and their ranking.


What are the Aggregate Rankings?


Aggregate Rank as of 4.4.18 (after sorting)


tl;dr version – It’s a stats ranking of every soccer team from best to worst according to multiple metrics.

The Aggregate Rankings are a composite of four different stats. Those four different stats are Goal Difference, Three Factors Rank, Home / Away Rank, and Team Rating Rank. The Aggregate Rank takes the average of those four stats and then ranks them.


What’s the Over / Under Rank?


Over / Under Rank sorted by best difference between stats and PPM


tl;dr version – Over / Under looks at how much the numbers agree with the standings. Big negative numbers are bad for a team.

Over / Under Rank = PPM Rank – Aggregate Rank. In other words, it’s an indicator of how much a team may currently be over-performing or under-performing. For example, let’s say that a team has an Aggregate Ranking of 7 but their PPM Rank is 1. Their O/U rank is -6 and one would want to look closer at them to determine if they will regress. On the other hand, a team with an Aggregate Rank of 3 but a PPM Rank of 8 would have an O/U rank of 5. They may be due to get better results.


What are the rest of the columns?


Those are PPM and the other four stats. We can talk about those in subsequent posts.


Wait, you’re only going to talk about two stats?


Yeah, that’s where I start. Where is the team ranked, and how does it compare to their current PPM? Just those three answers alone can provide a tremendous amount of information.