How to Use the Rankings Page (Part 2)

In Part 1 of “How to Use the Rankings Page”, the main focus was on the Aggregate Rank and the Over / Under Rank. Just using those pieces of information (stats rank and comparison to PPM) can give a good general understanding of a team. That’s the top half of the MLS Rankings Page.

The bottom half of the MLS Rankings Page contains the actual data for all of the different Aggregate Rank components. There are six different mini-tabs on this page.


Rankings Data



Summary of Rankings Stats, here sorted by PPM


This includes the current Points Per Match (PPM) average, as well as the current data points for goal differential, Three Factors, Home/Away, and Team Rating. I find that this is most helpful for understanding the current goal differential.


PPM Data


PPM Stats, sorted by Away Points



This includes the Home points, Away points, and Total points


Goal Difference Data (including Offense and Defense)

Goal Diff Stats sorted by overall GD.


This data is some of my favorite. It’s a quick way to determine the strength of the offense and defense for your selected team.


Three Factors Data (including Offense and Defense)


Three Factors Stats sorted by offensive shot quality (SoT / Shots)


This data has the raw numbers for Shots/96, Shots on Targets/Shots, and Goals/Shots on Target. It exists for both offense and defense.


Home / Away Data


Home Away stats sorted by Home Goal Differential



This has the home goal differential and away goal differential for each team.


Team Rating*



This section has the TSR, %TsoTt, and PDO for each team. Shot dominance is also included.


That’s the additional league data on the rankings page. It’s where I start to look after determining if the team is any good and if they are over or under-ranked.


*Team Rating was invented by James Grayson, who did a lot of really smart soccer analysis early on. I emailed him about using it on this site and he was really nice about it.