A New LoweDownStats

So, I made some changes to the site.

First, and most importantly, the data now auto-populates. Yay.

Second, the Aggregate Rankings page for MLS is available (here). All the rankings are sortable at the top. The data for the information is available at the bottom in tabs.

Third, each team now has their own page. Each page has a ton of information. Offensive and defensive stats on a game by game basis. Three factors stats on a game by game basis. Season trends for GS Average, GA Average, and Goal Differential. Season trends for the Three Factors.

Fourth, we have data for multiple seasons. 2015 through this season.

Lots to do still. So many things to do to make the site look prettier and be accessible to a broad audience. More leagues to add. However, the data is on the site and it auto-populates, which has been a personal goal for over three years.

My hope is that you take this information and use it productively. Good luck on the season.

Hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions or feedback. @LoweDownStats