Newsletter #2 – The Dominance of the USWNT

Sometimes life gets in the way. I try hard to stay consistent with daily habits, but there are other times when priorities must adjust. Last week, the back half of the week included an all-day customer event, flying to another city, seeing my family for the first time in a few weeks, and then driving 1000 miles. I deal with priorities first and then take care of other stuff. That’s good context for this weird hobby website.

Let’s get to the soccer

The USWNT absolutely dominated the World Cup

Even though it’s been a while since the #USWNT won the Women’s World Cup, I’d like to go back and do a quick recap. Here’s where the women finished.

  • #1 in the Aggregate Rankings. #1 in PPM. #1 in Goal Difference. #2 in Three Factors Rank. #1 in Team Rating.
  • The USWNT had the #1 overall offense *and* the #1 overall defense.
  • They finished the World Cup by scoring two and a half goals per game and only allowing half a goal per game.
  • On Offense: Shots / 96 (#5). SoT / Sh (#4). Scoring percentage (#4)
  • On Defense: Def Sh / 96 (#3). Def SoT / Sh (#8). Def Scoring percentage (#8)

The dominance of the #USWNT is remarkable. They are good everywhere in everything. Also, they absolutely deserve equal compensation with the USMNT.

Not the soccer

Here’s how to drive 1000 miles in a single day with an entire family. Why would you want to do that? Try and figure out the expense of flying a family of five, getting a rental car, and boarding a dog. That’s why. Also, one can get to a heck of a lot of interesting places within 1000 miles.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Have a plan. When are you leaving? Who’s driving? Our car is mostly packed the night before and we hit the road by 5 AM.
  • Races are won in the pits. Stop as little as possible. We stop for gas in big cities and health breaks at state rest stops. When we really do it right, we have breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks ready to go for the ride.
  • Entertainment and Sleep. How are you putting in the long miles?
    • Part of the reason we leave early is because everyone falls asleep. I know several families that go overnight and drive while people are sleeping.
    • As for entertainment, in an era of iPads and in-car systems, if you cannot find good entertainment, you’re not trying hard enough. For adults, audiobooks and/or podcasts rule.

Final thoughts. One of my favorite quotes of all time is that “the greatest wisdom is kindness”. Having said that, it’s not always easy. We get stressed, hurt, and busy. Life is suffering. When I came across this video several years ago, I gave the three lessons a shot. In all seriousness, this two-minute video changed my life.  Be kind.