Newsletter Number One

Your ideas are intriguing, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

I’m not quite arrogant enough to think my ideas are /that/ interesting, but I will attempt to write a newsletter worth reading.

But first, the soccer.

There are a bunch of leagues and years available now. Some of the more recent entries were the U20 World Cup, the Gold Cup, and of course, the Women’s World Cup. The site also still has Major League Soccer, English Premier League, English League Championship, Liga MX, La Liga, the Budesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, the UEFA Champions League, and last year’s Men’s World Cup. For some of these leagues, the data goes back several years to at least 2014.

Leagues I’ve tried to add but cannot get consistent data: USL, NWSL, and the leagues for Denmark and Sweden.

Once leagues start back up again in August, we’ll probably add another league or two and then just keep going.

Things only I may find interesting

  • Nobody in the league is taking more shots than #Quakes74 right now
  • In three of the last seven games, #LAFC have had a defensive SoT% higher than 60%
  • #MNUFC give up more shots than they take and have a worse defensive SoT% than offensive. That’s not viable long-term.
  • #Rapids96 defensive improvement is mostly due to defensive scoring percentage improving from an epically bad 56% to an average 32%.

Not the soccer

This week I did a restart of the diet and fitness routine.

Diet. I’m doing two things every day. I track calories and get 0.6-1.0 g / lb of bodyweight for protein. I’m currently running a five-day streak on this one.

Exercise. I’m focusing on bodyweight exercises as the current program.

Warmup – Circles, Core, and Floor work. I spend a few minutes moving every limb through a circle, and then do a bunch of pelvic tilts, glute bridges, bird dogs, and other various core exercises. Consistently doing pelvic tilts has been a huge game changer for strength exercises.

After the warmup, I do a set number of reps for one arm pushups, one leg squats, pullups, and glute bridges. The progression increases by one rep every day, so I started day one with 15 reps and ended day six with 20 reps. For the week, the total volume ended up being 105 reps. The goal is to increase weekly volume consistently. Then I wrap with a cool down that’s the same Circles, Core, and Floor. Total time ~25 minutes. Streak is one week (6/7) days.

Final thoughts. One of the hardest things in the world to do is write out on a single sheet of paper. The limitation is good, though. That’s it for newsletter #1. I hope something was intriguing. Cheers.