Some Site Updates (Liga MX and EPL are added)

Plus some other updates


First things first, the idea of where I wanted to go with this site was advanced stats available on lots of teams. Therefore, after setting up Phase 1 of the site (MLS Rankings), the first thing I wanted to do was add a second league. After a bunch of internal debating, I decided and added:


Liga MX (Direct Link)

I know almost nothing about Liga MX. I only know that Mexico is better than the USMNT and that a Liga MX team always wins the CONCACAF Champions League. However, I decided to choose Liga MX anyway because it’s popular here in North America with a lot of people. I know of at least three friends who are passionate about their Mexican team, and now there are some stats to talk about with them.

The setup of the league is the same as in MLS. The default is showing everything alphabetically, which can be disorienting at first, but all the rankings are sortable. The Liga MX home page has a top half and a bottom half. All the rankings are sortable. Each team in the league has their own page and they are linkable from the Liga MX home page (example – América for my friend Carlos).


EPL (Direct Link)

After adding Liga MX, we quickly added the EPL. I almost didn’t include this information, but it’s the biggest league in the world and it’s the one everyone talks about. EPL got added because I wanted to know the data (just to see if people were full of garbage).

Here’s an example team page (Tottenham)


More Questions?


Site Updates (Database Migration and Phase 2 completing)

If you click on the site for the next few weeks, you may notice performance issues. It can take a while to load. Sometimes, a team’s info may appear off and there’s only one game listed for them. We know what the issue is (how we set up the database initially), so it has to be migrated over to a different approach. That’s the next step in the queue for work. Once that is done, the performance issues should disappear. Once the database migration is complete, that will conclude Phase 2. I’ll need to reset and then decide on where to go next. There are so many options, leagues, and competitions. More on that another time.